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We offer tailored service to your best friend. We are in business since 2001 and since then have earned a reputation for providing excellent dog related services to our clients. We have trained carers who have years of experience in taking care of dogs.

We have a passion for dogs. We are qualified dog groomers. We provide services like walking, home boarding, day care, pet transport, etc. We take the time to understand the needs of the dogs and their routine. We make the dogs feel like home. When the dogs are returned to their owners, they are happy and full of energy. With us, your dog will stay with all the love he needs.

We are highly recognized for providing professional services. We are recommended by Rescue centers, dog professionals, and Vets.
We always meet you personally before the stay so that we can understand your dog’s needs.
We give peace of mind for you and your dog.

We first need to find out about your dog as much as possible to give him the best care possible. You should tell us about the dog’s likes, dislikes, preferences, routines, etc. Then we will choose a carer for you. We understand that leaving your dog to someone new can be difficult. So, we let you meet the carer and spend some time with him or her so that you have the confidence that your pet will be with the best people.

Top Products We Use:

We use products that we trust and rely on and feature them in our local store so our customers have easy access to them. You can also access these products directly through the manufacturer’s websites and we will try to add more products as we go.

Dog Traveling Accessories:

One of our long time favorites has been Yippr because they have very high quality products and they are really great to work with if you every have questions for problems. A lot of our customers love the travel products offered by Yippr and one of the favorites is the Collapsible Dog Bowl | Yippr Pet Travel Food & Water Bowl because they are so convenient for those of us that travels with our pets.

Dog Walking Accessories:

One of the coolest products we have found in a long time is the lighted dog collars and leashes. We have used in tested them in all weather conditions and was thoroughly impressed with how well they have held up. Not only do these LED Illuminated Dog Collars by Yippr provide safety for you and your pet but they are a great way to meet new people! Yes, people are going to stop you and want to know all about them. They provide these collars and leashes in several sizes and colors.

If you are looking for a place to keep your dog when you are away or need help with grooming, then come to us. We will take care of your pet.

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